Home Builders, Trust but Verify Construction Trades & Suppliers

Home Builders, Trust but Verify Construction Trades & Suppliers

Home Builders, Trust but Verify Construction Trades & SuppliersHome Builders, Trust but Verify Construction Trades & SuppliersHome Builders, Trust but Verify Construction Trades & Suppliers

Home Builders, Developers - Control Cost & Schedule


Verify your Construction Trade's Skills, Competency & Craftsmanship

In a tight labor market, verify the skills, competency and craftsmanship of every employee your construction trades, subcontractors and suppliers bring on your job sites.

Put an end to unnecessary change orders and work orders; demolition and rework; and, poor quality and craftsmanship that can lead to excessive costs, schedule delays, and unsatisfied home buyers.

Trust but verify everyone working on your job sites.  Your reputation depends on it. 


Construction Talent Community

1) Match people with a career opportunity, apprenticeship program and online training to fill positions that would otherwise go unfilled

2) Make use of data to better identify people with the potential to be great employees

3) Find applicants whose skills match those of current employees

4) Validate applicants' qualifications with references

5) Engage in proactive candidate selection

6) Accelerate time-to-hire

7) More accurate candidate matching

8) Easier candidate filtering and tracking

9) Easier on-boarding and fewer administrative tasks

10) A better introduction to applicants

11) Attract, hire, retain and develop a more inclusive workforce

Career Profile

Job Seekers, find a rewarding career in Construction & Manufacturing

Are you looking for the right career for you? Are you unemployed, underemployed, or stuck in a dead end job?  

It's incumbent to take control of your future now.

Home Builders, Construction Trades, and Manufacturers are looking for career-minded individuals like you. A Career Profile is your starting point to dramatically expand your career choice in Construction & Manufacturing.  Complete your career profile Today and let the right career find you. Don't waste your time filling out a resume.  A Career Profile lets employers find you, and its FREE!

Career Resources



 EdX offers the highest quality online courses from institutions who share our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. 



100% online learning from the world’s best universities and companies.



Learn on your schedule

Study any topic, anytime. Choose from thousands of expert-led courses now.

US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Programs



Become an Apprentice: Want a successful career? Want to grow your skills without racking up debt? Find a program in your state that lets you earn and learn at the same time.

Start an Apprenticeship Program: With a network of over 150,000 employers in more than 1,000 occupations, Apprenticeship is developing a new generation of workers to help our nation succeed in the 21st-century economy.


Sustain Robust Talent Pipelines for all your Job Openings

Share Open Job Requisitions & Candidate Referrals

We're enabling employers with new tools to better identify people with the potential to be great employees that have been consistently overlooked due to weaknesses in hiring practices, how Applicant Tracking Systems screen resumes, poorly written resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and hiring manager and organizational bias.


CareerOnRamp provides our employer partners the tools to take the guesswork out of hiring people that have the skills to do the job, can deliver desired outcomes, and can generate sustainable economic value for their employer. 

Our employee partners share open job requisitions to build perpetual talent pipelines using our standard job definitions, or customize their own to connect people with opportunities that match their technical & soft skills, roles & responsibilities, tools & technology, aptitude and career aspirations. 

Our employer partners are dramatically expand career choice by referring people that don't receive an offer of employment to CareerOnRamp where all employers can search Career Profiles to find, hire and retain the right people for open positions.

CareerOnRamp is a referral network.  Employers do not share candidate information.  Employers "refer" candidates to CareerOnRamp where they complete a career profile at their discretion.  Career profiles are searchable by all employers for the sole purpose of sourcing, hiring, retaining, and developing the right people for career opportunities. 

Hire with Confidence

Every individual on CareerOnRamp has successfully completed a Career Profile that demonstrates their technical & soft skills, their roles & responsibilities, their use of tools & technology, and their willingness to learn new skills to deliver desired outcomes. 


Leading the Digital Transformation to Identify Talent

New Tools to Identify Talent

In the past, hiring managers would rather trust their judgement than data when sourcing talent.

Today, new tools offer employers a responsive data driven strategy to:

1) avoid a skills gap by identifying people with the potential to be great employees to fill jobs that would otherwise go unfilled

2) avoid a bad hire that can put quarterly revenue & profit at risk

Google’s former head of Human Resources Laszlo Bock stated recently, “Resumes are terrible. It doesn’t capture the whole person. At best, they tell you what someone has done in the past and not what they’re capable of doing in the future.”

Resumes have no place in a digital transformation strategy.

A responsive data driven talent acquisition strategy makes use of new tools to help people that have the potential to be great employees but have otherwise been overlooked to identify rewarding career opportunities in a number of ways:

1) more accurately represent their capabilities to employers when qualifications match requirements,

2) identify career opportunities they can perform that they’re not aware of when qualifications don’t match requirements,

3) identify resources (apprenticeship programs, continued education and training, etc.) to acquire the skills needed to re-apply for a position with a higher probability of gaining an interview. 

Benefits of Data

1) Data helps people better understand themselves

2) There are jobs people can do that they’re not aware they can do

3) Data is better suited to help people find the right career choice

How to fix your Hiring Process


1) Share your Open Job Requisitions

Share your open job requisitions on CareerOnRamp and let people know the requirements for each career opportunity. Define the skills, proficiency levels, years of experience required for each opportunity along with the desired tools, technology, roles & responsibilities.

2) Refer People to CareerOnRamp

As people apply for open positions but don't receive an offer of employment, refer them to CareerOnRamp where they can create a Career Profile searchable by all employers.

3) Build & Maintain your Talent Pipelines

Search our database of Career Profiles to find the people that can deliver desired outcomes and fit within your organizational culture. Review, compare and assess each candidate's qualifications.  Save the right candidates to your talent pipelines.

4) Utilize Talent Analytics & Assessments

Utilize your talent analytics and assessments to measure culture fit, predict performance at time of hire, and link employee planning to business planning.

5) Connect the Right People with the Right Opportunities

Connect directly with candidates via e-mail, text or phone to build personal relationships, schedule interviews, and follow up with new opportunities.

6) Set up Alerts & Updates

Set up alerts to review new Career Profiles that match your requirements, and reconnect with people to continue building your relationships as they progress in their careers.

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